Thursday, December 29, 2016

To see this, you know what is called the true love!

To  see  this,  you  know  what  is  called  the  true  love!

 For  love,  if   you  dismissive,  then  please  tell  me,  what  is  called  true  love?   After  I  read  this,  you  will  understand  what  is  true  love!  

One  day,  a  boy  said  to  a  girl:" If  I  only  had  a  bowl  of  rice,  I  will  give  my  mother  half,  the  other  half  to  you."  So,  the  girl  love  the  boy,  when  he  was  12  years  old,  she  is  ten  years  old.

 Ten  years  later,  they  live  in  the  house  was  flooded,  the  boy  kept  saving  lives,  with  the  old  man  and  have  children,  have  to  know,  don't  know,  but  did  not  go  to  help  the  girl.  When  the  girl  was  rescued  by  the  other  man  by  the  man  asked  the  boy:" since  you  like  her,  why  don't  you  rescue  her?"  The  boy  gently  said:" it  is  because  I  love  her,  I  was  frist  to  save  others.  She's  dead,  I  also  can't  a  person  alive. "  So,  this  year,  they  got  married.  The  boy  was  22  years  old,  the  girl  was  20  years  old  this  year.

Later,  their  city  famine,  they  don't  have  anything  to  eat,  is  only  a  noodles.  The  boy  could  not  bear  to  eat,  let  her  eat.  The  girl  also  to  eat,  let  him  eat.  Three  days  later,  the  noodles  moldy.  At  that  time,  the  boy  was  42  years  old,  the  girl  was  40  years  old. 

Later,  the  boy's  comany  went  bankrupt  and  owe  a  lot  of  money,  was  a  lot  of  people  chasing  money.  Someone  told  the  girl,  away  from  the  boy,  he  was  not  a  millionaire,  can't  give  you  a  good  life.  But  the  girl  said:" I  don't  care  whether  he  was  a   millionaire,  I  only  know  that  he  was  a  good  man,  he  loves  me,  I  also  love  him.  That's  enough." So  she  accompanied  him  through  the  most  difficult  time.  That  yesr,  the  boy  was  52  years  old,  the  girl  was  50  years  old.

Many  years  have  passed.  One  day,  they  go  to  the  park by  bus,  there  was  a  young  people  to their  seats,  they don't  want  to  sit  down  and  let  the  other  side  stand. So they  stood  together  to  grab  the  armrest,  with  a  contented  smile  on  their  face.  All  the  people  on  the  bus  unconsciously  stood  up.   That  yesr,  the  boy  was  72  years  old,  the  girl  was  70  years  old.

After  many  years,  they ......   So  now  you  know  what  is  true  love?  to  seek  a  millionaire  website!  Here  will  let  you  meet  love!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What are the problems in the work? Look here!

What are the problems in the work? Look here!

A  promotion  conference  in  the  United States, the  manager  of  a  company  please  all  participants  stood  up  and  see  what's  under  his  seat.  Result  everyone  found  the  money  in  his  seat, the  least  picked  up  a  coin, most  pick  up  to  $100  hundred.  The  manager  said:"the  money  is  yours, but  you  know  why?"  As  a  result,  no  one  can  guess  why  this  is.

Finally  manager  seriously  tell  you, I  just  want  to  tell  you  that  one  of  most  easy  to  ignore  or  even  forget  the  truth:" sit  still  is  never  can't  make  money."  This  story  tell  us,  when  we  pass  opportunity  and  complaining  about,  in  fact,  in  the  confusion,  you  don't  know  where  to  go, the  wise  man, has  moved  decisively  to  stand  up, take  a  chance.  Only  in  this  way,  when  opportunities  come,  helpless,  not  to  miss  it.  Therefore, as  we  have  opportunity, let  us  do  good  to  all. 

There  is  a  story. One  day  a  godfather, after  the  market,  to  hear  the  customer  with  the  butcher.  The  customer  said  to  the  butcher,"cut  a  piece  of  meat  for  me."  Butcher  heard, to  lay  down  their  tools  rhetorical  question:" Which  is  not  good  meat?" The  customer  was  froze.  And  in  the  godfather  is  grasped  the  significance  of  the  truth. 

We  always  feel, now  work  is  not  ideal, there  is  a  lot  of  complaints.  For  example,  the  working  environment  is  not  good  enough, salary  is  low,  your  company's  brand  is  small,  and  so  on.  There  are  many  is  unpleasant. However, "What  a  piece  of  meat  is  not  good?" No  matter  in  what  kand  of  company,  what  kind  of  work  environment, how  much  you  input  for  this  job, how  much  you  will  get. The  key  depends  on  how  you  treat.

So  there  are  other  words,  everything  is  the  best  arrangement.  Then  come  here   to  find  your  destiny!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why are you not a millionaire today?

Why are you not a millionaire today?

Have  you  ever  asked  yourself? Why are you not a millionaire today? Or are  you  born  to  be  a  millionaire?

If  today  you  are  not  a  millionaire, then  maybe  a  millionaire  in  our  side? Maybe, the millionaire  have  become  our  neighbors  today. Maybe, the  millionaire  also  can  be  our  friend. Maybe, even  a  millionaire  can  be  our  life  partner, of  course, if  you  want  to  find  a  millionaire. Then  how  can  the  fastest  find  a  millionaire? Let  me  tell  you!

Women  pose  in  wedding  gowns  at  an  event  for  millionaires  in  America  it  can  be  hard  for  millionaires  to  find  love. If  you  are  not  a  millionaire, you  need  to  find  a  millionaire, let  oneself  also  can  become  a  member  of  a  millionaire. Today  you  are  not  to  become  a  millionaire, isn't  you  didn't  work  hard  enough, but  you  haven't  found  a  shortcut  to  success.

Click  on  the  link  above, let  us  help  you  to  find  a  millionaire. Make  friends  with  a  millionaire, let  them  tell  you, why  today  you  are  not  a  millionaire!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Your millionaire here

Your  millionaire  here 

See  come  over! Your  millionaire  here. Everyone  is  unique, and  what  of  the  personality  of  the  millionaires? How  does  it  feel  to  be  a  millionaire? Want  to  know  about  the  millionaire  is  how  to  practice, want  to  be  a  member  of  the  millionaire?

Seeking  a  millionaire, if  can't  become  a  lifetime  soul  mate, also  can  become  a  good  friend. Dealing  with  a  successful  person, you  are  a  step  closer  to  success. You're  here, of  course, can  be  a  bit  closer  to  becoming What  would  you  want  to  do  frist  if  you  became  a  millionaire?

But, life  unpleasant  things  nine  times  out  of  ten. One  of  the  most  rare  is  to  find  a  good  partner  for  life. Many  people  came  to  the  website. They  are  seeking  a  millionaire. The  reason  that  they  come  here  are  that  they  hope  to  find  the  companion  spending  all  one's  life  together  with  their  here, and  they  are  looking  for  the  person  with  the  same  goal. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

And the millionaire for Christmas?

And  the  millionaire  for  Christmas Look!  The  gift  of  full  screen.

How  was  you  Christmas Eve  yesterday?  At  Christmas,  if  you  received  the  Santa  Claus  with  lots  of  presents?  Is  there  any  let  you  surprise  gifts?  Is  there  to  eat  traditional  Christmas  food?  

If  you  are  not  the  holiday  season  and  a  millionaire?  Don't  be  sad,  we  are  seeking  a  millionaire  website, after  every  festival  and  a  millionaire.If  you  can't  be  with  the  one  you  love,  you  can  still  send  a  love  letter,  and  if  you  have  yet  to  meet  your  beloved,  do  not  despair.

Our  millionaire  website  can  help  you  to  find  someone  accompany  you  spend  every  day.  So,  what  are  you  waiting  for?  Come  and  join  us?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Teach you how to enjoy Christmas with a millionaire.

Teach  you  how  to  enjoy  Christmas  with  a  millionaire. 

Tomorrow  is  Christmas Eve, how  do  you  want  to  good? 

If  you  haven't  found  the  right  partner, and  then  to  seek  a  millionaire's  website, let  you  enjoy  Christmas  with  millionaire! No  matter  you  are  single  men  or  single  women, whether  you've  chosen  the  single  life  or  are  between  relationships, you  can  bulid  a  terrific  solo  life. As  long  as  you  come  to  our  website, you  can  make  new  friends, find  a  millionaire  to  accompany  you  spend  an  unforgettable  Christmas Eve.
In  the  upcoming  Christmas  night, you  want  to  receive  what  gift? Or  are  you  ready  to   what  gift?  Now  the  street  is  full  of  glittering  Christmas  trees  and  joy  of  Christmas  songs. On  Christmas Eve  as  preheating  of  Christmas, in  young  people  is  a  very  important  holiday.  Peace  in  the  west, Christmas Eve  is  linked  with  gratitude  and  share, so  must  be  ready  to  present  on  Christmas Eve! 

Now  popular  on  Christmas Eve  to  send  apple, because  apple  take  pinyin"peace", a  symbol  of  peace  and  serenity. And  many  couples  can  send  custom  ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. Because  they  have  a  special  meaning, represents  the  beautiful  and  romantic  of  the  oath. Show  your  value  to  the  other  side, it  shows  that  you  are  the  only  each  other.Do  you  know  the  millionairea  over  what  kind  of  gift  on  Christmas Eve? Seeking  a  millionaire  website, let  you  spend  Christmas Eve  with  a  millionaire! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Find a millionaire for Christmas

Find  a  millionaire  for  Christmas Christmas  is  also  called  Jesus, is  the  western  traditional  festivals, on  December  25  every  year. A  mass  is  a  kind  of  church  service. Christmas  is  a  religious  festival, because  it  as  the  birthday  of  Jesus  to  celebrate, so  the  name "Jesus". During  this  season, there  is  the  voice  of  reducing  Jesus' birth  to  an  on  rush  of  commercial  activities.In  the  19th  century, the  popularity  of  Christmas, Santa Claus, the  Christmas  began  to  gradually  popular. After  Christmas  celebration  customs  popular  in  northern  Europe, combined  with  a  northern  hemisphere  winter  Christmas  decoration, also  appeared. Santa Claus is  a  man  of  wisdom. 

 Christmas  is  popular  to  send  all  kinds  of  Christmas  gifts. The  first  is  before  the  big  one  pair  of  red  socks, because  Christmas  is  used  for  socks  loaded  gifts, small  gifts  always  hide  in  stocking, so  is  children's  favorite  things. Christmas  hat  is  a  red  hat, it  is  said  that  evening  wear  the  sleeping  in  addition  to  need  to  sleep  well, the  second  day  you  will  find  in  the  hat  too  much  beloved  gift. Besides, there  are  Christmas  trees, Christmas  etc. Popular  with  all  the  window  decorations.

Want  to  know  the  millionaires  the  gifts  for  Christmas? That  we  are  seeking  a  millionaire, web  site, find  that  belongs  to  you  a  millionaire, spend  the  holiday  together!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What do you have for lunch today?

What  do  you  have  for  lunch  today?  Today  is  one  of  the  24  solar  terms  in  China, the  winter  solstice. Winter  solstice  is  one  of  the  most  important  solar  terms. Winter  solstice  is  a  Chinese  tradition  festival, the  ancient  Chinese  palace  and  folk  has  always  been  very  seriously, since  ancient  times  there  is  worship.

 Winter  solstice  this  day, in  northern  China  has  the  tradition  of  eating  dumplings, as  the  saying  goes, "the  winter   solstice, to  eat  dumplings." While  the  south  is  to  eat  dumplings. Of  course  there  are  exceptions, such  as  in  shandong  and  other  places, is  called  as  a  bitter  winter  solstice  habits, popular  in  mutton  soup  as  a  bitter  day, moral  dispelling  cold.
The  winter  solstice  is  very  popular  in  China  a  solar  term. There  are  many  Chinese  abroad  is  still  in  the  solar  terms. Don't  know  people  in  western  countries  today  to  eat  mutton?  Millionaires  on  our  website, also  from  different  countries, want  to  know  how  they  had  a  holiday?  That  to  seek  a  millionaire!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The millionaire's journey  The  longest  journey  is  the  journey  inword. Today  I  read  a  book, called "the  millionaire's  mentor",  I  think  every  people  want  to  become  a  millionaire  can  have  a  look.
I  read  somewhere  that  the  average  adult  has  three, million  dollar  ideas  per  year,  three  ideas  a  year  that  could  make  you  a  millionaire.

Is  the  book  "the  millionaire's  mentor"  new  era  or  the  necessary  reading  will  become  the  new  era. Book  describes  many  honorary  director  of  the  rich  history, belong  to  a  later  time  imitation  model.  This  book  describes  the  millionaire  how  to  become  famous.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A love story

A small story from seek a millionaire web site. bitter mother is a great and kind women, and the father is willful stubborn, like a child for his mother to please him to do everything, is to find fault. Due to the perennial doesn't want his father to the mother's attitude, she vowed to find a boyfriend, must not character is similar to my father.

Result when herself too demanding others and 30 years old still single, heard from aunt, in fact, her father was in pursuit of the mother, his have sinned against his boss. Her father was  injured in the line of duty, fear of the mother worry, resolutely refused to tell her mother. For her mother's love, father never walk away half step.

Her parents, in order to each other, will not only tolerance, also can stick to, don't let the other people that exists. To, keep, it is to actually, can be together forever.
The key for happiness is not to find a perfect person, but find someone and build a perfect relationship with him. Just understand, originally a lifetime of happiness, is not whether there is a perfect lover, instead of two hearts, in variegated to not let the round, can use my love and tenderness, loosely to the other side of the edges, rings, and never let go.

You want to be a millionaire?

You want to be a millionaire?

If you are young, you want to become a millionaire again, then you need to do? You need to pay more efforts. You need to do more than state, "I want to be a millionaire." If you could just work a little harder, learn a little more, and strive further for the perfection that was demanded for consistent consistent success. Over the decade the pace of change in people's life has increased beyond our wildest expectations. Among the breakthroughs driving changes is the wide use of smart devices, which makes success faster but more competitive. This gives a much better view of how big of a chance you have in a country to become a millionaire. This will make you a millionaire to speed up the pace.

In the competitive ear, to want to succeed faster, you should be from a student to greater efforts. Because young people have more potential and a better chance at success. Young people should be encourged to broaden their horizons with more activities to embrace this world, which is the best way for them to get a clear perspective of what they are hoping to do with their lives and why. Students with such a perspective are usually the most effective and motivated ones who can gain competitive edge in the future career.

If you are already a millionaire, come to us, we are seeking a millionaire. If you are seeking a millionaire, also came to us, we can help you to find a millionaire.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The millionaire around you

 The  millionaire  around  you

Do you want to make more friends?
Looking  for  a  millionaire  is  a  website  to  help  you  achieve  your  dreams.  This  is  a  free platform  to  make  friends,  in  here,  you  can  get  to  know  you  want  to  make  friends,  in here,  and  you  can  find  the  other  half  of  the  match,  you  asked  for,  here  you  can  find in  the  heart  of  a  millionaire. 

We  are  a  matchmaking  website  for  celebrities  or  wealthy  individuals,  and  attractive girls  and  guys. It  has  many  people  registered  members  and  special  matchmaking  consultants  to  personally  assist  multimillionaires  in  their  pursuit  of  romance.  Our  website  has  a  variety  of  single  people,  no  matter  what  occupation,  what  age,  men  and  women.  We  aim  at  for  people  to  find  you  a  millionaire.

 Do  you  want  to  wake  up  in  the  morning  someone  send  you  delicious  breakfast?  Do  you  want  to  on  a  cold  night  someone  send  you  a  warm  coat?  You  want  to  sign  a  stroll  hand  someone  romantic  beach?
 Don't  envy  other  people  to  have  a  beautiful  love,  don't  envy  other  people  to  have  happiness,  as  long  as  you  come  to  look  for  a  millionaire.  Think  it  is  to  find  a  millionaire,  we  can  help  you  find  the  right  person!  We  help  you  get  into  the  right  path  of  the  love  world!

Welcome to Seek A Millionaire

 Seek A Millionaire of us has our own unique charm.For example,  each of these minorities has its own charm ,ethnic style and folk customs.Want to use your charm to attract people? Do you want to attract the attention of more the opposite sex? So to seek a millionaire !

If you want to find a millionaire, then join our seek a millionaire. I believe every is beautiful in its own way. You are blessed with a great deal of charm and charisma, which you use effectively to attract the people and support you need. Your charm will win hearts and bring opportunities that you least expect. Our team will help you find the right the opposite sex, no matter what demand do you have. In other places,  no one cares what your answer is. In our here, we'll go right into your soul.

Believe in yourself. Look for the beauty around you in nature, in others, in yourself and believe in the love of friends, family, and humankind. If you want to share your story and listen to others' feeling, please come to join us! We are seek a millionaire, if you are a successful single, you have to feel complete on your own, please come and join us!

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