Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Your favorite skincare products

Your favorite skincare products

The beauty of the girls to look at this article. If you are very beautiful, that you will attract the attention of the millionaires. Now, every girl will makeup, cosmetics have become the girl's favorite items.http://www.seekamillionaire.com/
Among them, the skincare is a very important step. Today, we will introduce some very famous skincare products.


The French cosmetics brand was founded in 1935. Lancome brought beauty and dreams of countless the beauty of the girls. Lancome has many products have been so loved women. For example, Lancome mascara, has unique lofty position in the cosmetics. "Global each sold two eyelash to cream, have one is Lancome".
Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder founded in the United States, ADBANCED NIGHT REPAIR series, is the most classic the brand of skincare products. If you use Estee Lauder products for a long time. I think you must have very smooth skin. Millionaires like the woman must be like you.
Dior's full name for CHRISTIAN DIOR. Dior started is a senior fashion brand. Now, Dior have all-round deveiopment in the field of beauty. Classic and noble is synonymous with Dior. Today, Dior is one of the representative of fashion and innovation.

Chanel perfume has become the world most women's favorite. Of course, millionaires should be like the taste.

Do you like the cosmetics brand? These products maybe relatively expensive, but women willing to spend money to buy these products. Because these products can make women become more beautiful and young. So that you can find a millionaire, to seek a millionaire website, http://www.seekamillionaire.com/ millionaires in a wide range of industries here waiting for you.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The various types of millionaires

The various types of millionaires

In the previous article, we introduced the man's favorite type of woman. Now, we will introduce the women's favorite type of man.
Many people maybe think women like wealthy millionaires. But a lot of women are very rich and beautiful, they don't care if you are a millionaire. The seek a millionaire website has a lot of such beauty. http://www.seekamillionaire.com/

The mature and responsible man

A mature and responsible man can give a woman a sense of security. He will put the things in life to consider very carefully. Such men will make women feel relax and comfortable.

The handsome and sunshine man 

handsome and sunshine man to conquer a woman with his perfect appearance. The man has a handsome appearance, could make the woman feel happy. But they want to be together forever, the man must give a woman a sense of security. After all, the man is too handsome, will attract more girls.

The rich and gentle man

A rich and gentle man really very rare. A millionaire, and to treat girlfriend very gentle, every woman love such the man. He wii make the woman feel happiness, regardless of the spiritual, or material.

The smart and aspirant man

A smart and aspirant man will be very attract the woman, they know the mand of the woman. If you don't find a millionaire, find a smart and aspirant man is also very lucky.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women in the men's eyes

Women in the men's eyes

 Every man has own favorite type of woman in their heart. Every woman wants to become a man like that type. So, what kind of woman will be like?
 Today we will introduce a man maybe like the several type of woman. Of course, this should be a lot of millionaires will like the type. What kind of man or woman that you like?  Do you want to find a millionaire? Check it out. http://www.seekamillionaire.com/

The sexy girl

A sexy girl, is that all men are love. A man will never be tired of a sexy and beautiful girl.

The gentle and kind girl

A gentle and kind girl, is that all the man's ideal wife type. She will make a man very comfortable, and trust her. The man is willing to share in his heart things with her.

The confident and smart girl

A confident and smart girl is very attractive. She has own independent opinions. Woman have self-confidence will appreciate herself and become elegant and noble.

The brave and rebellious girl

 A brave and rebellious girl, the man couldn't resist her unique charm. When she face with difficulties, will face the reality bravely. She will let the man enjoy her.

The sweet and lovely girl 

A sweet and lovely girl can let a man full of  protectiveness, not to hurt her. She will make the man happiness.

In fact, a lot of millionaires are like the character of the girl.  Are you a millionaire? You can find such a girl in seek a millionaire website. http://www.seekamillionaire.com/
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The millionaire's jewelry brand

The millionaire's jewelry brand

In the previous article, we introduced a lot of expensive diamond in the world. Today, we introduce some famous jewelry brand. Millionaires, what are you waiting for?

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a super jewelry brand, is famous in the 


Buccellati founded in Milan, Italy in 1919. It is one of the American society favorite jewelry brand.


Tiffany is the world's largest jewelry brand, also is the most valuable jewelry brand. Tiffany is one of the many presidential favorite jewelry brand.
Audrey Hepburn wearing Tiffany's luxury jewelry in the movies.


Cartier founded in 1847, in Paris, is the world's top jewelry brands. One of the most famous is Cartier watches and jewelry.

Graff Diamonds

Graff is the world's top jewelry brand. It is famous for its diamonds, with its reputation as the "King of Diamonds".

Millionaires and beauty all like these jewelry, do you like this jewelry? To the seek a millionaire website, 
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Diamond and beauty

Diamond and beauty

All the people like diamond in the world? There should be no people don't like diamond. Especially women, every woman wants to have a belongs to own diamond. Today we will introduce some expensive diamond, there are some very good jewelry brand. http://www.seekamillionaire.com/
I believe you will like it, you will have the urge to buy diamond. Diamond for women, may be as sexy as attractive women for men. Let's start with this pink round-cornered  rectangular diamond.

The Pink Round-cornered Rectangular Diamond

 The pink round-cornered  rectangular diamond sold for $46.2 million. The pink round-cornered rectanglar step-cut diamond weighing 24.78 carats. The diamond was formerly owned by jeweler Harry Winston. This beauty set the record for most expensive single jewel ener sold at auction. Laurence Graff renamed it "The Graff Pink". See this if you are very move?

The Wittelsbach-Greff Diamond 

The Wittelsbach-Greff Diamond sold for $24.3 million. A cushion-cut fancy deep grayish blue diamond weighing 35.56 carats. It's rumored that King Philip IV of Spain purchased the jewel and included it in the dowry of his teenage daughter, Margaret Teresa, in 1664. See here, Do you envy her has a millionaire father? Ha ha, it doesn't matter, you can also find a millionaire in our website.

The Bulgari Two-stone Colored Diamond

This The Bulgari Two-stone Colored Diamond and diamond ring sold for $15.7 million. The ring is set with a trianguar-cut  fancy vivid blue diamond, weighting 10.95 carats, and a triangular-cut diamond, weighing 9.87 carats, and dates from 1972. What a women can wear the diamond ring when her married, it's the most happiness thing.
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Of course, next time we will introduce  some very good jewelry brand.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The joy of The Big Bang Theory

The joy of  The Big Bang Theory

What type of people like to watch TV at ordinary times? 
Comedy? Or science fiction? Or a drama? I very like to watch a 
comedy, especially "The Big Bang Theory" series.

"The Big Bang Theory" series of TV play is very successful. 
This is a "scientific genius" as the background of the situation 
comedy, Leonard and Sheldon, and there ara two good friends. Thought is playboy Howard Wolowitz, and from India Rajesh Koothrappali, he's suffering from severe "disorder" with opposite sex association, with the opposite sex is present when he can't speak, only after being drunk freely to communicate with the girl. A beautiful woman and four scientific otaku story, began staged in laughter.
I know you may have seen  The Big Bang Theory,   the TV series in addition to bring 
everyone laugh, and tells the story of a lot of truth in life. 
About love, friendship, work......We should be to balance? How
to make life more colorful and easy. The plot of the TV series 
is very humorous, but our real life is there are a lot of all kinds
 of troubles. The TV series make us feel happy and relaxed, we 
should also like the characters in the TV series, with optimistic
attitude, will be difficult down, smiling face every day life. 
Live each day with a smile, with you to become a millionaire that happiness is the same. Millionaires may not be happy every day, they will have their troubles. We provide the seek a millionaire website, it has a lot of millionaires, you can have a yours account, become a member of them. http://www.seekamillionaire.com/ Maybe the millionaire happiness is to look at The Big Bang Theory!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are you in the Yellow Treehouse restaurant?

Are you in the Yellow Treehouse restaurant?

You may have been to Yellowstone national patk in the United States, may also have been to Venice in the Italy. But there are so many beautiful places in the world, also has a lot of unusual attractions. If there is no throughout all the world , you may not enjoy the mysterious scenery. This is the Yellow Treehouse restaurant in the New Zealand.  http://www.seekamillionaire.com/

At first, the unusual restaurant concept from advertising for a company in the New Zealand, raw materials used in the  restaurant comes from the company. Restaurant is located in the north of Auckand in New Zealand the redwood tree, this  restaurant has 30 feet off the ground. Now, this restaurant is one of the landscapes of global, because before, never which restaurant is such a strange sight.

Looking at the outside of the restaurant, the modelling is really unique, and beautiful, its shape is  like a silkworm cocoon. The internal layout of the restaurant, also like other restaurant. Many people will think this restaurant is too strange, but precisely because it is unique, has attracted the world more than 70 media to interview.

Now, the Yellow Treehouse restaurant has become a tourist destination, many foreign tourists will come here to travel. The change of the restaurant, tells us a very important reason, is the importance of innovation. There are numerous restaurants in the world, because the reataurant unique enough, design innovation, enough to develop so successful.

If you are a person who like to travel, it must look at the Yellow Treehouse restaurant to go to New Zealand. Remember to bring your lover, and love the people together to travel, can be more meaningful. If you're single, we provide the seek a millionaire website, http://www.seekamillionaire.com/ help many single men and women find their other half. Regardless of nationality, regardless of gender, will help you to find love.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Millionaires wear a watch?

Millionaires wear a watch?

The watch has been popular among many friends. Because people think the man wear a watch is a symbol of identity. The Swiss watch is famous all over the world.Today we will talk about these watches represents the nobleness, elegance and sense of identity.http://www.seekamillionaire.com/


Patek Philippe was founded in the 1839, is the only remaining a watchmaker operating entirely independent from the family. Patek Philippe watch always attaches great importance to the design and production process, factory complete tabulation process all in Geneva, is the world's brands, the only a table of all movement for "Geneva Seal" brand. Patek Philippe is recognized as the best watch brand all over the world, so called"watch blue blood in the nobility". The wearer of this watch should be have a good temperament and demeanor, talk gently, has"noble" successful people can wear. 

Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1775, has nearly 250 years old. It is the oldest and the longest duration in the world's one of the watches. Its founder  Jean-Marc Vacheron is a man of profound astronomers. Vacheron Constantin is known as the art of the nobility, has been a key role to play in Swiss watch.


In 1875, Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet established the Audemars Piguet. In 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced is the most classic style of "Royal Oak", the design is very characteristic, appear very bold, most man. The world's most famous action star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "The Terminator" wear in the Audemars Piguet special custom-made watch.

Cartier has more than 150 years history, is made famous French jewelry of gold and silver jewelry. In 1938, Cartier has made the world's smallest wrist watch, and give it to the British princess Elizabeth. Now, Asian idol star Lu Han is Cartier's spokesman, he made more and more people want to have a Cartier watch.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Do you think which actress is more beautiful?

Do you think which actress is more  beautiful?

How do you think of the global beauty ranking? Today let's take a look at there recognized beauties. See if it is your favorite star.
Angelina Jolie
She is the mother of four children, Brad Pitt's girlfriend, the international well-known actress, The United Nations goodwill ambassador......Have many titles of Angelina Jolie believe that many people are familiar with beauty. Despite the fact that she has four children, her charm is unstoppable.
Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles of beauty is a classid of modern hip-hop and Hollywood perfect combination of beauty. She is a black peart, so beautiful.
Gisele Bundchen
She is  one of the world's expensive supermodel, plump Brazil girl, Gisele Bundchen in the Glamour of 10 sexy actress list in the third position. She is a having let a person envy skin beauty! The 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, let a person remember her perfect performance.
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was born in California, full of exotic beauty and strong and handsome figure, with an irresistible temptation in her sweet, her body is very good also. In such a beautiful woman, I think she is the most beautiful, do you think? 

And Beyonce Giselle KnowlesJennifer AnistonRachel Bilson......How do you like the beauty of it? You can also provide me with your favorite actress. How to become like them? Everyone likes beauty and the rich man, we provide the seek a millionaire website,
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