Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are you in the Yellow Treehouse restaurant?

Are you in the Yellow Treehouse restaurant?

You may have been to Yellowstone national patk in the United States, may also have been to Venice in the Italy. But there are so many beautiful places in the world, also has a lot of unusual attractions. If there is no throughout all the world , you may not enjoy the mysterious scenery. This is the Yellow Treehouse restaurant in the New Zealand.  http://www.seekamillionaire.com/

At first, the unusual restaurant concept from advertising for a company in the New Zealand, raw materials used in the  restaurant comes from the company. Restaurant is located in the north of Auckand in New Zealand the redwood tree, this  restaurant has 30 feet off the ground. Now, this restaurant is one of the landscapes of global, because before, never which restaurant is such a strange sight.

Looking at the outside of the restaurant, the modelling is really unique, and beautiful, its shape is  like a silkworm cocoon. The internal layout of the restaurant, also like other restaurant. Many people will think this restaurant is too strange, but precisely because it is unique, has attracted the world more than 70 media to interview.

Now, the Yellow Treehouse restaurant has become a tourist destination, many foreign tourists will come here to travel. The change of the restaurant, tells us a very important reason, is the importance of innovation. There are numerous restaurants in the world, because the reataurant unique enough, design innovation, enough to develop so successful.

If you are a person who like to travel, it must look at the Yellow Treehouse restaurant to go to New Zealand. Remember to bring your lover, and love the people together to travel, can be more meaningful. If you're single, we provide the seek a millionaire website, http://www.seekamillionaire.com/ help many single men and women find their other half. Regardless of nationality, regardless of gender, will help you to find love.

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