Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The joy of The Big Bang Theory

The joy of  The Big Bang Theory

What type of people like to watch TV at ordinary times? 
Comedy? Or science fiction? Or a drama? I very like to watch a 
comedy, especially "The Big Bang Theory" series.

"The Big Bang Theory" series of TV play is very successful. 
This is a "scientific genius" as the background of the situation 
comedy, Leonard and Sheldon, and there ara two good friends. Thought is playboy Howard Wolowitz, and from India Rajesh Koothrappali, he's suffering from severe "disorder" with opposite sex association, with the opposite sex is present when he can't speak, only after being drunk freely to communicate with the girl. A beautiful woman and four scientific otaku story, began staged in laughter.
I know you may have seen  The Big Bang Theory,   the TV series in addition to bring 
everyone laugh, and tells the story of a lot of truth in life. 
About love, friendship, work......We should be to balance? How
to make life more colorful and easy. The plot of the TV series 
is very humorous, but our real life is there are a lot of all kinds
 of troubles. The TV series make us feel happy and relaxed, we 
should also like the characters in the TV series, with optimistic
attitude, will be difficult down, smiling face every day life. 
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