Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The millionaire luxury garden

The millionaire luxury garden

A lot of beautiful garden is a private garden. Only rich people will be a private garden. The luxury of the rich life let a person envy, but only you came to our dating website, we will help you find such a rich man.
Exbury Gardens

Exbury Gardens is located in the new forest national park. New forest is located in the southwest of Southampton, is a beautiful national park. Has the English one of the most abundant species in the forest, there are some beautiful small village around.
With flowers and trees in the Exbury Gardens. Where has beautiful landscape, kind of full of azaleas, camellias, and many other rare flowers. If you want to visit the garden, you can take a unique steam trains, easily through each area of the garden.
Such an experience, also is the luxury of the rich life. See such a beautiful garden, are you move?
Yu Garden

Yu Garden is located in Shanghai of China, is a private garden of the Ming dynasty. Yu garden has a history of more than four hundred years now. Yu Garden architectural style embodies the artistic style of ancient Chinese architecture.
Yu Garden layout is reasonable, the plant configuration is proper, distinct. Its characteristic is fomous trees, bonsai, the flowers. Yu Garden is visible everywhere many brick carvings, stone carving, clay sculpture, wood carving. Yu garden is the main place to tour the city and held various activities. Every year in Yu Garden holds a flower show, Lantern Festival, painting and calligraphy, and other activities with Chinese characteristics.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The luxury of the rich life

The luxury of the rich life

Rich people are living a rich and luxurious life, do you want to join them? The luxury of the rich life experience, just come here.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is said to be the most beautiful garden in southeast Asia. The master of the garden is a Thai women Nongnooch Tansacha. She loves orchids, collect all kinds of orchid species carefully cultivated in the garden. The ground, bamboo frame set, roof hanging, all varieties of precious orchid. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden has a total of more than 670 local varieties and more than 300 foreign varieties of flowers.
Garden show mainly folk performances, the elephants in Thailand and to visit the botanical garden three parts. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden's beautiful scenery let a person get drunk, come here to experience the luxury of the rich life.

Keukenhof Park

Keukenhof Park is located in the town of Amsterdam (Liess), is a key way for the annual flower parade. As many as 6 million kinds of flowers in the garden plants, there are many rare rare species. Keukenhof Park of tulip varieties, quantity, quality, and decorate gimmick is the best in the world. Park is a piece of flowers around the field, garden and tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, bulbs and all kinds of flowers and many other flowers.
The Dutch love tulips, tulips are full of their lives. People living in the Netherlands, also because the tulips become more optimistic and open-minded attitude. At the same time, the Dutch tulip is too famous, attracting tourists from all over the world come to the Netherlands, came to the Keukenhof Park.
In these beautiful gardens, you can see the luxury of the rich life, come here, you can become a millionaire.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

And the beauty of the millionaire encounters

And the beauty of the millionaire encounters

Do you want to hold a beautiful wedding with a millionaire in the garden? Do you want to take a walk to the most beautiful garden in the world? If you haven't been to the famous garden, come right away the millionaire dating site, to find a suitable for your millionaire, you can go to the most beautiful place in the world on holiday.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

This garden is located in the southwest Scotland Dumfries, the private garden is famous architectural critic Charles Jencks was built in 1990.
The garden is very unique, the landscape is very wonderful. Construction of the garden design derived from the inspiration of science and mathematics, the builders make full use of the terrain to show these themes, such as black holes, fractal, etc. See the picture, you will feel incredible.
Although the garden is a private garden, it through Scotland 's Gardens Scheme open a day each year for the charity Maggie' s Centres. When you walk with your lover in such a strange shape in the garden, you will feel very surprised. This unique layout, bring tourists different experience from every angle. The millionaire dating site to find your partner, come here for a visit.


Versailles garden is one of the largest imperial garden in the world, the scene is very costly. The garden there are forest, flower diameter, greenhouse, colonnades, temple, village, a zoo and a large number of scattered marble statue. The palace of Versailles garden can collect a lot of sculpture. This unique garden, everywhere is the sculpture with chic modelling.
Versailles garden have a lot of artificial scenery, reflected the humanities color. Here there are many different kinds of plants, added some natural breath for the garden.
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The millionaire's luxury villa

The millionaire's luxury villa

The most luxurious villa is very expensive in the world, decorate very gorgeous. Only the richest millionaires live up. Today we will introduce these luxurious villas, do you want to live in the luxury villa?
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This mansion is located in London, England, priced at $50000000. The owner of this house will be built for the villa a beautiful balcony, a hot spring pool and a cinema and so on. Look at the luxurious decoration, this is rich way of life.


WATERFRONT ESTATE, priced at $100000000! The mansion with the yacht. The rich man's wealth is you couldn't imagine. If you want to meet such a rich man, we give you a millionaire dating platform to make friends, hope to help you find your partner.


STARWOOD ESTATE have beautiful outdoor recreation space, there are tennis courts, and adjacent to a race track and mountain bike field is very broad outdoor sports venues. All of these make the cottage to aspen holiday visitors preferred destination.


HALA RANCH,  its area is 5200 square meters. The inside of the garden was fantastic. At present, this is the third expensive mansion on the market in the U.S. See pictures of the villa, would you like to live here immediately experience the feeling?
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