Thursday, March 2, 2017

The millionaire's luxury villa

The millionaire's luxury villa

The most luxurious villa is very expensive in the world, decorate very gorgeous. Only the richest millionaires live up. Today we will introduce these luxurious villas, do you want to live in the luxury villa?
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This mansion is located in London, England, priced at $50000000. The owner of this house will be built for the villa a beautiful balcony, a hot spring pool and a cinema and so on. Look at the luxurious decoration, this is rich way of life.


WATERFRONT ESTATE, priced at $100000000! The mansion with the yacht. The rich man's wealth is you couldn't imagine. If you want to meet such a rich man, we give you a millionaire dating platform to make friends, hope to help you find your partner.


STARWOOD ESTATE have beautiful outdoor recreation space, there are tennis courts, and adjacent to a race track and mountain bike field is very broad outdoor sports venues. All of these make the cottage to aspen holiday visitors preferred destination.


HALA RANCH,  its area is 5200 square meters. The inside of the garden was fantastic. At present, this is the third expensive mansion on the market in the U.S. See pictures of the villa, would you like to live here immediately experience the feeling?
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