Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The millionaire luxury garden

The millionaire luxury garden

A lot of beautiful garden is a private garden. Only rich people will be a private garden. The luxury of the rich life let a person envy, but only you came to our dating website, we will help you find such a rich man.
Exbury Gardens

Exbury Gardens is located in the new forest national park. New forest is located in the southwest of Southampton, is a beautiful national park. Has the English one of the most abundant species in the forest, there are some beautiful small village around.
With flowers and trees in the Exbury Gardens. Where has beautiful landscape, kind of full of azaleas, camellias, and many other rare flowers. If you want to visit the garden, you can take a unique steam trains, easily through each area of the garden.
Such an experience, also is the luxury of the rich life. See such a beautiful garden, are you move?
Yu Garden

Yu Garden is located in Shanghai of China, is a private garden of the Ming dynasty. Yu garden has a history of more than four hundred years now. Yu Garden architectural style embodies the artistic style of ancient Chinese architecture.
Yu Garden layout is reasonable, the plant configuration is proper, distinct. Its characteristic is fomous trees, bonsai, the flowers. Yu Garden is visible everywhere many brick carvings, stone carving, clay sculpture, wood carving. Yu garden is the main place to tour the city and held various activities. Every year in Yu Garden holds a flower show, Lantern Festival, painting and calligraphy, and other activities with Chinese characteristics.
Visited these millionaires luxury garden, do you think of the beautiful garden? The luxury of the rich life experience, we can help you to realize this dream here.

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