Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The millionaire's meeting etiquette

The millionaire's meeting etiquette

Family condition is superior people are generally very pay attention to manners. Rich people think polite is a reflection of a person's quality and identity. Rich people's living conditions and living environment is very good, their performance will be very polite in the life.
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The handshake ceremony

Shake hands one of the most basic etiquette in social activities. Many countries have advocate this basic etiquette. Welcome to visit the guests, the host first hand. Goodbye, to entertain people first hand, master showing again. Meet for the first time, shake hands time general control within 3 seconds.
Shake hands can also be said to a friend congratulate and thank, encouragement, etc.


In the eastern countries such as Japan, South Korea's foreign friends meet, regards bow expression is a common rituals. Bow degree is higher, the deeper the description to show each other respect. There is a basic principle, for different specific people, the extent of the bow is not the same.

Hug ritual

Hug for more respectful guests or congratulations on social occasions. European countries like hug etiquette, sometimes accompanied by a face and a kiss. In many social occasions, men have a special hat ritual and kiss the hand to ladies.
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Different relationship and identity of people kiss each other, the parts may be different. In public and social occasions, people will be about to shake hands, hug, kiss face, a face of continuous motion, in order to show the most sincere enthusiasm and respect to the guest in many countries.
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