Monday, February 27, 2017

The millionaire's life etiquette

The millionaire's life etiquette

Each country has a unique culture of etiquette. If you go to travel to a country, you should know the etiquette of the country. Such as, meeting, shopping, eating, etc., there are some special etiquette. In many social occasions, rich people will pay special attention to manners. 

Previously, we introduced many luxury hotels and restaurants. If you and a millionaire in a very upscale restaurant, what are you going to pay attention to the dining etiquette. You can come to the millionaire dating site, know many millionaires, learn about the rich life. Today we will introduce some simple manners, see rich people will pay attention to what the etiquette in life.
Meal occasion is generally divided into two kinds. One is formal, the other one is optional. If people dining in upscale places, so men will wear a clean suit, clean shoes. Women should wear suits and shoes. If is formal dining men also need a tie.
When sitting in a restaurant, the body to correct, do not on the desktop, don't cross your legs, and the distance of the table in order to use tableware is preferred.
During dinner, if you want to leave the seat, can put the napkin on the chair. Don't put the napkin on the table, otherwise it means you don't want to eat, let the waiter will no longer serve for you. When eating, the rich have more table manners. Do you want to learn more of the rich life? Come to the millionaire dating site, looking for your partner.
Don't eat too full in the appetizer. Don't make up at the dinner table, don't use the napkin to wipe your nose. Don't burp at mealtime. When trying to get food to please others, don't stand up. Don't talk to chew food meals.
Dining etiquette is really too much. Don't feel very vexed, the millionaire dating sites, our millionaires will give you a wonderful rich life. 

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