Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The millionaire's food strategy

The millionaire's food strategy

The millionaire's life is traveling to various areas all over the world, and to eat food from all over the world. In previous articles, we introduced a lot of beautiful scenery in the world. Next, we will continue to introduce some food in the world, offer you a millionaire's food strategy.
 Food is one of the most important things in life. Anyone can't lack, millionaires is no exception. Today, I'm going to introduce some more familiar and very delicious food.  Millionaires would also like to eat these food  in the travel.


Handmade fresh Taco, is every tourist's favorite food in Mexico. Taco is the traditional food of the Mexican people, no matter for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is a perfect choice.  Do you like the millionaire's food strategy?

Singapore chilli crab

Singapore chilli crab is a hot and juicy speciality in Singapore. Although there are dozens of cooked crab, chilli crab is still the most popular food in the local. Millionaire's taste was conquered by it.

Fish and chips

British fish and chips has always been popular from 1860, so popular for a reason. The crisp very delicious, is a very simple basic food. Britain's prince also like this food, I believe millionaires also very pleased with the food.

Ireland's Champ 

Ireland's Champ made from potatoes, Onions, butter, salt, and pepper. Champ as any meat dishes' auxiliary, it is the most perfect.
See the delicious food, do you want to go to the country personally to taste? We will continue to provide a lot of food strategy. If you go to a trip with a millionaire, it must be very great! If you are single, welcome to our free millionaire dating site,  help you find true love.

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