Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beauty and the beast, who you choose?

Beauty and the beast, who you choose?
Rich people always have too much money to burn, but they have always been alone. They like a lot of pets, to fill the empty time. Rich people like to have some rare but very strange pets, so can reflect their special status.

But any pets cannot replace love. We have a good way to solve the single, came to the millionaire dating sites, looking for your true love.

The most expensive beetles, priced at $89000. The beetles were Japanese businessmen sold to an insect shop. Stag beetle's price is so high, because they have been collector as a fine collection, and it is very rare in the insect body length. So expensive and small beetles as pets, it is very rare.
The most expensive cow, priced at $1.2 million. In the autumn of 2009, one cow in Toronto auction for $1.2 million. Albert wave nagorno-karabakh farm sell cow varieties of excellent gene, so their price is quite high. But that cow is more expensive than the second cow prices higher for $800000. Maybe it is hard to understand the idea of these millionaires to ordinary people. Take such a high price to buy animals to raise.
But for a lot of rich people, come to the millionaire dating site, it may be a better choice.
The camel is a large animal and looks dirty, raising camels will very little. But there is someone to spend high price to buy a camel. Can you understand?
And the rich will feed a chimp, horse, or the parrot and so on. These animals are very expensive, millionaires are willing to spend a lot of money to feed the animals.
The best way to solve the single is come to the millionaire dating sites, you can find a sexy girl or rich man.

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