Monday, February 20, 2017

What rich people raise pets?

What rich people raise pets?

A lot of rich people are very busy at work, they don't have much time to travel. A lot of rich people keep pets at home. Millionaire dating but have no time. A lot of rich people are very lonely, they will keep some pets with their. Now, we will introduce some very expensive and only the rich people keep pets.

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Tibetan Mastiff

Ordinary kittens and puppies are docile. A lot of rich people will choose to keep this ferocious animal, the Tibetan mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff as a pet when a lot of rich people will think is the symbol of identity. Because the price of the Tibetan mastiff is very expensive, depending on the variety of animals, the price can make a big difference. So this expensive pet of the Tibetan mastiff only millionaires can afford.


Bengal is produced by the Asia the bobcats and Egypt cats mating. The cat independence is strong, temperament and changeful, sometimes show the wild side. If you'd like to raise a Bengal, you should pay attention to the cat's character. The price of pet is more expensive, many rich people like raising Bengal at home. 


You may feel very strange, someone will sheep as a pet. However, there are rich people willing to spend high price to buy a sheep. In 2009, a sheep in Scotland, sold for $376691. Farmer jerry bought the sheep, he said that the sheep is the most perfect sheep, so he must buy the sheep. The sheep's price also created the record.
There are all kinds of rich people raising pets, there may be some very strange. In the next article, we will continue to introduce a lot of rich people to raise pets. If you feel lonely, also have no time to raise pets, come to our millionaire dating website, help you solve your trouble.

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