Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women in the men's eyes

Women in the men's eyes

 Every man has own favorite type of woman in their heart. Every woman wants to become a man like that type. So, what kind of woman will be like?
 Today we will introduce a man maybe like the several type of woman. Of course, this should be a lot of millionaires will like the type. What kind of man or woman that you like?  Do you want to find a millionaire? Check it out.

The sexy girl

A sexy girl, is that all men are love. A man will never be tired of a sexy and beautiful girl.

The gentle and kind girl

A gentle and kind girl, is that all the man's ideal wife type. She will make a man very comfortable, and trust her. The man is willing to share in his heart things with her.

The confident and smart girl

A confident and smart girl is very attractive. She has own independent opinions. Woman have self-confidence will appreciate herself and become elegant and noble.

The brave and rebellious girl

 A brave and rebellious girl, the man couldn't resist her unique charm. When she face with difficulties, will face the reality bravely. She will let the man enjoy her.

The sweet and lovely girl 

A sweet and lovely girl can let a man full of  protectiveness, not to hurt her. She will make the man happiness.

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